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Questionnaire FAQ

Can I have more information about online consent?


How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?


Can I get someone else to fill out the questionnaire on my behalf?


What if I don’t have time to finish the questionnaire?


Can I go back to the last questions?


What if I’ve made a mistake?


Can I print out what I’ve done?


Do I have to do the pages in order?


Can I show my printout to my doctors?


Is there someone at CART-WHEEL I can contact with questions about CART-WHEEL?


What if I am not sure of an answer?


Must I answer everything? /Can I leave things out and come back later to enter the info in?


What if my contact details change?


Can I update the questionnaire if I get more information?


Click here to view example and demonstration documents of the CART-Wheel questionnaire.        


You have questions about Participating in CART-WHEEL?

Read our Participants - FAQ


Your question is not listed here?

Please send an email with your question to contact@cart-wheel.org.