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Clinician FAQs

I'm a clinican, how do I create a CART-Wheel account to help my rare cancer patients enter information in the questionnaire?


How do I gain access to my rare cancer patient's CART-Wheel questionnaire?


How do I register my patient on CART-Wheel?


Can I register my patient if they have no email address?


What is the advantage in registering patients myself?


Can I use my patient’s CART-Wheel information for research purposes?


After I register my patient, how do they access their questionnaire?          


Does my patient need to enter information in the questionnaire?


My patient is not interested in entering their medical information into the CART-Wheel questionnaire


How do my registered patients consent? Why is this necessary?


If I register my patient and I give them a Consent Form to sign, is a witness signature required?


How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?


I have limited time to enter information. What are the most important questions to complete?


What if I don’t have time to finish the questionnaire?


Can I get someone else to fill out the questionnaire on my behalf?


Can I edit what I’ve entered in the questionnaire?


What if I’ve made a mistake?


What if my patient has made a mistake? Can I correct any errors?


Do I have to complete the pages in order?


Can I print out what I’ve done?


What if I am not sure of an answer?


Must I answer everything? Can I leave things out and come back later to enter the info in?


What if my email address changes?


Your question is not listed here?


Is there someone at CART-WHEEL I can contact with questions about CART-WHEEL?